Medical Practice start-ups

What to expect once you’ve signed your contract and made your initial payment:

Upon signing of the contract, iConsulting starts preparing the process for your project.  We start by dividing and structuring each piece of your project and then assigning it to a specialist in each department.  This is the planning stage for iConsulting.  In Stage 1, iConsulting sets up and synchronizes its staff to the various aspects of your project.  This stage is vital to achieve a successful process flow.

Stage 1

  • iConsulting will assist client (if needed) with finding their business location; negotiating lease terms and/or allowance towards build-out/upgrades./li>
  • iConsulting will work with real estate agent to preview office locations and filter through to those which meet client specifications.
    • Client will sign a lease for office space in this stage, obtain office tel#/fax#, file for a corporation and open a corporate bank account (copies to iConsulting).
  • iConsulting will design a rough-draft floor plan, work with the architect, engineers, contractors and supervise construction for build-out or upgrades.
  • iConsulting will request several pieces of information needed to perform the project. Client expected to provideiConsulting with documentation requested. Communication either via email, text messages, telephone, or in person is acceptable.
  • iConsulting will provide you with a Business Plan of your project.

Stage 2

During stage 2, the project starts to take shape. Now that there is an address, we can start the process and hire the employees to fill the positions. iConsulting will take pictures and measurements of the medical practice.

  • iConsulting starts the staffing process by placing ads and interviewing applicants.  iConsulting will compile the applicants that meet the job specifications and forward the applicants that meet specs to the client.
  • iConsulting will negotiate employment terms (set by client) .  All required staff are hired in this stage (specialty specific).
  • iConsulting will work with client’s attorney and client’s accountant to set up the practice’s accounting and legal structure.
  • iConsulting establishes accounts for client, as follows:
  • Biohazard Waste disposal
  • IT Specialist to network hardware and software system
  • Telephone system/equipment company quotes (and quote for installation, permitting, etc)
  • Security system (Alarm, cameras)
  • Medical software recommendations (EMR), options (based on practice needs and specialty)
  • Merchant services (Credit card processing)
  • General liability insurance
  • iConsulting will file for City, County and State licenses (when applicable)
  • iConsulting will schedule meetings with medical equipment and furniture suppliers to prepare the office.  If you prefer to do this independently, iConsulting will assist you by providing you with the list of suppliers.

NOTE: The office is in the process of being set up, furnished and equipped while proceeding to Stage 3.

Stage 3

iConsulting continues to create, fine tune and bridge the practice’s components to achieve a productive flow.

  • iConsulting creates practice-specific patient consents, intake forms, patient releases, HIPAA compliance and patient-specific medical record forms (when not provided by medical software system or EMR).
  • iConsulting prepares HR files (according to JCAHO standards).
  • iConsulting performs background checks, and compiles patient health records to meet requirements (background check fees covered by medical practice).
  • iConsulting provides staff with HIPAA and OSHA training.
  • iConsulting provides the medical practice with Employee Policies & Procedures (reviewed and approved by client).
  • iConsulting begins the insurance credentialing process.
  • iConsulting orchestrates the software set-up and training
  • iConsulting assists billing staff with creating clearinghouse account and EDI connectivity
  • iConsulting makes marketing recommendations.

NOTE: At the end of Stage 3, the office is ready to start seeing patients.  Credentialing trickles in according to payer over the next 90 days. Client is required to forward all insurance provider applications to iConsulting upon receipt.

Stage 4

In Stage 4, we are perfecting the office flow and identifying bugs in the software system as well as making sure that all network connections are operating at maximum capacity while ensuring that staff are on-point with their job descriptions.  At this stage, we are ironing everything out…this is the final stage.

  • The Practice starts seeing patients (contingent on receiving all required licensing).
  • Insurance billing starts.
  • iConsulting ensures that all of practice’s needs have been met.
  • iConsulting schedules meeting with client to sign-off … project is complete.

NOTE: Client has the option of maintaining iConsulting on a per diem basis, if desired.

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